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Mama Medicine.

So, I have always loved self-help stuff.  Psychotherapy of course.  But over the years, I’ve been to shamans, astrologers, tarot readers, palm readers, psychics.  And yes, I am way into crystals.  Anyway, I thought this part of me was fundamental to ihatenj, as it relates to my journey and my path finding “home”. I had […]

Feelings Friday.

After the events of this week, after Charlottesville, I’m finding it hard to find the words to express my anger sadness grief fear anguish. So in order to capture my emotions this Feelings Friday, I’m honoring the best primal screamer, Yoko Ono.  This activist had one of the best reactions to Trump’s presidential victory.   After […]


​​ ​ ​I took today’s quiz and scored super low. But I also realized that the questions I answered positively were all about my friends and the connections I’ve made here. So this post goes out to my local girls. My lifelines.  My suburban sisters a la Virgin Suicides who have made my town my […]

Feelings Friday.

I love young Meg Ryan so much.  I love this movie.  So so great. I feel like, on this Feelings Friday,  I need to explain a little bit more about myself on here.  I’m hesitant to disclose a lot of myself on this blog.  I mean, I’ll totally talk about my feelings/wants/insecurities/whatever.  But, I’m not […]