My Vision Board

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Back in April, my friend invited me to attend a Vision Board Workshop.  It was being run by Judie Hurtado, a local NJ Intuitive/Reiki Master/Spritual Teacher who specializes in reiki, tarot readings, and healings.  It was great.

Aside from the spiritual part (which I love), it was a sort of mindless and easy way to put some purpose and intention down on paper.  I’ve spend a lot of time, energy and therapy thinking about where I am in life, if I’m happy, if I’d be happier living somewhere else. And here I was, just connecting to images and focusing on what I want for my future – and it was fun and relaxing as opposed to feeling super angsty and negative.

So, here is my vision board.  I thought it would be a visual way to introduce myself.

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  • I put my west coast fantasy on this vision board. Moving across the country.  This is part of what this blog is about.  What am I doing with my life.  We have one life to live, why not go for it.  How did this New Yorker end up in New Jersey.  But… Family.  Work.  Friends.  There are things keeping me here and I’m trying to figure it out.  And in the meantime, I’m working on learning to love where I am, living in the present, and finding happiness in my surroundings.  Note: I feel like some people who read this are going to tell me to stop complaining, why don’t you move if you don’t like it, etc…  And I get it.  But I’m not there yet.  And there are many moments/things that feel good about my life here.  So in the meantime, ihatenj where I’m workin’ it out.
  • I included some pics of homes I want.  I love things about my 110 year old Colonial.  But the maintenance sucks.  The heating is outrageously expensive.  Sometimes I just want a mid-century, airy house, which of course ties into my west coast fantasy, where I’m living in cacti and hammocks and no one needs to shovel.
  • Politics.  I purposefully didn’t want this vision board to be too political (mostly because I didn’t want my future to feel angry.  And I did some magical thinking – like if I put positive stuff down, maybe that will change the terrible reality we are living in). But I needed something political included.  So peace signs and a feminist quote.
  • I’ve gotten super into planting lately.  You’ll likely see some posts about that here in the future.  That’s been a really fun thing I’ve gotten into out here where there is space and outdoors!  I have no green thumb, but it has been a nice way for me to love and care for my surroundings and makes me really happy.
  • I love Frida Kahlo and just went to Mexico City.  MANIFEST!
  • And some health, love, MON$Y and travel mentions of course….

So, that’s about it.  If you are going thru a transition or hard time, I highly recommend.  For myself, I want to try and do one every few months and use it as a time to reflect, check in, and re-establish my vision.  I like the idea that I can update my vision board and I am not wed to any one future – that I am changing and growing and my future can evolve also.

Anyway, during the workshop, Judie gave us each a crystal and there were good vibes all around.  At the end, she suggested this note (see below) to write on the back.  I was feelin’ it and hope this blog reflects some of that positive energy.  Looking for the good in the present and hope for the future.

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Lauren xx

Judie Hurtado is at or Instagram @judiehurtadoreiki



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