I love this store…


One thing I’ve enjoyed since I moved to NJ is exploring the coast – we’re beach people – and the draw of Asbury Park is not lost on us.  It has some hip factor, a boardwalk with an arcade, a music scene, etc…  You’ll totally be seeing some Asbury + NJ shore posts here.  But, I’ve now gone several times to Asbury Park just to hit some shops – even skipping the beach.

Anyway, I fell for this store – Red Moon Life & Home – and love the vibe and products.  It carries home and lifestyle goods that are made small.  The owner, Christina Cali, is super warm and chill and has really great taste.  It has perfect plants and planters and ceramics and BAGGU bags and face products.  Oh, and she recently added some lovely vintage finds.

Here’s a picture of Christina with her adorable daughter Pearl.


I mean, come on.

The store is great.  It completely falls into that really good, not just good for New Jersey category.  When I visit, I feel “normal” and inspired and instantly want everything and start planning to redecorate my house.  I also start fantasizing about moving to the beach and changing my entire life.  Haha.

Here are some more pics of the store.  So good.

Ciao, Lauren  XX

Red Moon Life & Home 300 Emory Street Unit 1 Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712             http://www.redmoonshop.com Instagram: @redmoonshop





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