BBQs. Maybe the absolute BEST thing about the burbs.


It’s the thing about the suburbs I love.  The thing about the city I don’t miss at all. Hangin’ with friends, kids playing in the backyard, yummy pot luck food, and just good vibes all around with lots of space.

And over the past year here, I have found my people.  This took me awhile – for the first couple of years here, I made some friends, but still thought of my people as my city friends.  Maybe that energy also made finding a tribe out here more difficult.  I kept running back to NYC for my friends and to feel like myself.  I’m sure that didn’t help me acclimate and feel good about living in Maplewood.  But that has changed for me and I now have like-minded people with similar interests I vibe with.  That I can talk about kids with, but also other things.  Families that my family clicks with.  People I care for and vice versa.  And it has made hanging out, on a July 4th, perfect.

This also presents some problems for the ihatenj part of me.  People are a big part of what makes a place a home.  As relationships develop, I feel roots laying down. And when I think about what comes next for us, new/local friends are now people I will miss.  People that I don’t want to leave.

I think about how good all these summery, bbqing days are.   But I also remember how bad the wintery days are.  Where I often feel isolated and when I want to get out I feel like the fucking mall is the only option and that is pathetic and no sorta life I want to live.

I don’t know.  I’m really trying to live in the present and make my best life where I am today.  So for now, I’m going to enjoy the sun.  Play with my kids in my backyard.  Grill delicious food and eat al fresco and drink all the wine.  And invite my people over to share in all the suburban goodness with me.

Happy summer and viva la suburbia!

Ciao, Lauren xx

And here’s some pics from my friend’s awesome July 4th bbq.  Note all of the things I could never have had in Brooklyn.  That amazing playhouse, space for the slip n’ slide, space for a ton of families, and driveway hopscotch and fireworks.  Oh, and I was dying for that CSN shirt.  Had to include it.





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