Filmed in NJ.


So the house that Judd Hirsch and Christine Lahti made a home even when they were on  the run from the Feds… New Jersey.  Who knew.  There’s so much warmth and love in this family and home in the suburbs.

I really really love this movie.  I love the scene where they are dancing in the kitchen. Just look at that crew.  And I love my family dance parties in our home.  It’s those moments that make me so happy and full and that scene captures it so well.

I love like crazy that River Phoenix and Martha Plimpton.  Look at these two beauties.

FullSizeR (1)

So here’s to a rebel family that makes a beautiful life in New Jersey.  A boy and girl that are cool as shit with amazing style for miles in New Jersey.

And I have to include more pictures of these two who dated in real life cause come on….


river 4

river 2

Ciao, Lauren xx

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