A magical store.


I discovered Parcel after I moved to NJ.  It’s really special.  Unusual.  Super beautiful. Unlike any other shop I’d been to.  And definitely falls into the good, not just good for NJ category.

The dictionary definition of parcel sorta sums this place up.

parcel.  par·cel (pär-səl).  1. A package 2. A present 3. A collection of things; a bundle 4. Something wrapped up or packaged.

And when I visit Parcel, it is all of these things.  The owner Nancy Laboz has such a good eye.  She created a little world of wonder in her shop, where I want to play, touch, and buy everything.  When I go to the shop, I get inspired to be creative, to decorate.  Making things has always made me really happy and Parcel plays into that.  Nancy’s also interesting and connected and when I first met her it was so nice – such a relief – to talk about objects and aesthetics and life.

Anyway, the store is a real mix of vintage and handmade.  Walking around the shop is experiential and nostalgic and sweet.  I have bought items there that I really love, that I am attached to.  Like, every September in my house, we pull out these hot pink, vintage, plastic garlands that I bought here and hang them  and leave them up for all our birthdays.  They’re amazing  and make me happy and I’m obsessed with them. What else. I’ve bought beautiful crafts and ribbons and decorations and custom stamps and vintage figurines and on and on.  Unique objects that make my kids rooms feel like fairies have just come to visit.

Parcel sells in ABC Carpet and BHLDN – which totally confirms they are good, not just good for NJ.  The brand is well known for these extraordinary, handmade paper chandeliers (see pic below) and the store makes sweet, bespoke stationary stationary with unique designs that they can turn around in a short time.  They have a gift wrapping service where they can take something simple and turn it into a personal, over-the-top magical present, in a good way.  Parcel also has workshops like flower wreaths, botanical smudge sticks, and stamp carving – I want to take all of them.

And this talented girl works there, Emma Mierop, who specializes in gorgeous embroidery.  Her company is called Skippy Cotton – talk about magical.  Think twinkling stars, circus characters, angel wings embroidered on linens and captured in these sweet little gold frames.  They’re amazing.

Ok – see pics of all this below.  But also go and walk around, see, touch, experience, get inspired, and make.


Lauren xx

Parcel. 608 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair, New Jersey 07042                   http://www.shopparcel.com  Instagram @shopparcel

Skippy Cotton.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/SkippyCotton  Instagram @skippycotton











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