Modern Love. I really dig this store.


When I was a kid, my family used to drive out to Frenchtown, N.J.  It was a halfway point between NY (where we were) and Philly (my cousins).  It was pretty and on the Delaware and the ride was nice.

After I moved out to NJ, I visited Frenchtown and expected the beautiful farms, the picturesque scenery and swimming holes on the Delaware.  What I didn’t expect was shopping.  A really good store called Modern Love.

Modern Love has a mix of vintage and modern goods.  The shop has beautiful things for the home, from these amazing woven baskets, to these fans from Ghana that are almost too pretty to use but look great on the wall, select vintage furniture, and just a lot of really nicely curated stuff for the home.  It has a nice selection of table books.  Some jewelry.  A section for men, which is especially helpful for gifts.  Some bags including Baggu and big, pretty canvas totes.  The store also has a lovely kids area with wooden toys, these outrageously beautiful moses baskets, some great kids books, crafts, and more.  Basically, everything has a great aesthetic and a similar feel.

And…… they recently opened a plant room.  It’s really peaceful and they have a small, nice selection of pretty plants.  And good books about plants.  This store was already really good, not just good for here, but this room took it up a notch bigtime.

Go visit.

Modern Love.  39 Bridge St. Frenchtown, NJ 08825   Instagram @modern_love_frenchtown

They are also having a pop up at the Storehouse in Asbury Park – August 12 (12pm) – August 13 (5pm).  Storehouse 1100 Ocean Ave Asbury Park, NJ 07712 










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