Studio visit. Cindy Hwang Bokser of Niroma Studio.


A little background about me.  I am a weaver who never weaves since having kids and I have a hundred unfinished projects lying around our house.  So obviously, I wanted to learn how to macrame and start even more things I won’t finish so my husband and I can fight over all the unused yarn and rope sitting around…  I still haven’t learned to macrame.  But I follow a lot of fiber people on Instagram and obsess over their pretty accounts at 3am.

I have been following Niroma Studio on social media for awhile now.  So one of the things that I want to do on this blog is visit with people who are doing really cool things out here in New Jersey.  And Cindy, the macrame artist and weaver behind Niroma is just that.  So I scheduled a studio visit and spoke to her about her work.

Similarly to me, Cindy was living in Brooklyn, had a job in the city.  She had two young kids and moved out to Jersey City.  Jersey City is not a suburb, but it’s not NYC and she moved for all the same reasons – more space, etc…  Anyway, one day Cindy was in Marfa, Texas for work, and had an epiphany that she had to be making and doing something creative with her hands. So she went home and made a loom and so the story goes.  Her passion transformed into macrame and this knotting pro is now making pretty amazing pieces and running her own business.

It’s funny – in talking to Cindy, I was reminded of the freedom that NJ gave me – and her. With the lesser cost of living, we were both afforded the ability to make career changes after having kids and to rejigger our lives to feel passionate about our work while having more of a career/life balance.  That is a gift, a privilege, that I want to highlight and recognize, especially while seemingly I’m complaining about my life on this blog.  And for Cindy, she was also able to get the space and lifestyle she needed, both literally and figuratively, in order to make large pieces, have a studio, and run a successful business.  Just a thought.  Back to the studio visit.

Cindy now makes large, gorgeous macrame custom pieces.  They are organic and modern and super beautiful.  She also makes custom furniture incorporating vintage furniture frames with macrame – they are unreal.  Think Frederick Weinberg mid-century hairpin chair draped in luscious macrame with fringe.  See photo below.  Cindy also teaches macrame workshops.  You will totally find me at the next one.

And lastly, Cindy makes and sells rope.  Really great cotton macrame ropes in white, but also in colors such as mustard yellow and papaya pink and other colors.  When she got into macrame-ing, she noticed that it was not so easy to find materials and decided to go make them herself. And in the process of selling to people, she has created an online community – so if you look at her social media, she features her own pieces, but also wallhangings that use her materials.

Niroma Studio will be featured on LittleThings (@littlethingsusa) Facebook live feed tomorrow, July 19th, at 3pm EST doing a live demo.  You can also check out the video after that on their Facebook page.  Watch.

Here are some more pics from my lovely studio visit.  And I thank god for art and artists and meeting people like Cindy in my NJ journey to inspire me.

Ciao, Lauren xx

Niroma Studio.  Instagram – @niromastudio                                           And for rope –







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  1. Digging this hard. I’m a macrame lover but have no desire to take it on myself. Will look forward to buying from Cindy- or being gifted a macrame something by you! Hint hint


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