Early Bird. A really good coffee shop.


Well, I can’t talk about Modern Love (see yesterday’s post) without mentioning it’s next-door neighbor, Early Bird Espresso + Mercantile.

Early Bird is a really good coffee shop.  It has delicious Counter Culture coffee, local yummy dairy from Trickling Springs, and baked goods from Sweet Melissa in Bklyn. They also carry ice cream that I should have gotten and now keep thinking about  – specifically the sweet cream flavor – from The Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ (haven’t been, but now need to go).

Early Bird is also a mercantile where they sell some pantry items, home items – all nicely curated and artisinal and lovely and small in a really nice way.  Think homemade jam next to a beautiful wood cutting board next to fill-your-own-soap next to grilling accessories.  Sort of a mix of practical and good-looking – definitely sparks my shopping bug.

Early Bird is also that place that you can sit for hours and work, sip coffee.  It’s light and bright and airy.  It has good, simple design.  It has wifi that works.  And I also just don’t understand why that’s so hard to find where I live.  Maplewood does not have this.  The towns next to us don’t have this.  It blows my mind.  And while that is not a reason to move and leave a place, it for sure adds to that list of things to complain about.  Sure, it is the suburbs. It is not New York City.  But neither is Frenchtown, and the people at Early Bird did a really, really good job.

So… for ihatenj… Early Bird is for sure one of those just plain good, not just good for here places.

Drink, eat, enjoy.  See the pics below and notice the nice, simple decor and good light.

Ciao, Lauren xx

Early Bird Espresso + Mercantile.  33 Bridge St Frenchtown, NJ 08825 http://www.earlybirdespresso.com   Instagram @earlybird_espresso







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