The Hackensack Bulls.

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When I was a kid, my older brother and I loved Brewster’s Millions.  I still do.  I love Richard Pryor.  I once saw him at Bloomie’s on 59th and he was so kind.  I don’t approach celebs, but I saw him and immediately smiled in the most fan-out way cause he is so wonderful and has made me laugh so much over the course of my life.  And he smiled that gorgeous smile right back at me and I fell even more in love with him.

Brewster’s Millions is about Monty Brewster, a Minor League Baseball pitcher with the Hackensack Bulls.  That’s Hackensack, New Jersey.  Monty finds out his great-uncle died and left him his entire fortune, on the condition he spends $30 million within 30 days, which is harder to do than it sounds in 1985 with a bunch of conditions.  Anyway, hijinks ensue, the plot thickens, some love interest, bad guys, that guy from 7th Heaven, and incredible John Candy….  and you’ve got a hit!

Of course, the first thing Monty does when he gets some money.  Get the fuck out of Jersey.  He hightails it to NYC.  Duh.

I love this movie.  RIP Richard Pryor.  RIP John Candy.  None of the above.

Ciao, Lauren xx

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And last but not least… some pics of Richard Pryor.

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