Say no to the sad empty storefront.


So you know when a store closes.  A restaurant shuts down.  And there is a sad, empty storefront that has a For Rent sign on it way too long.  Especially in these small towns. Where you long for/want/will die for something cool to open.  And it sits empty.  Or even worse, a bad restaurant/store/bullshit opens and you hate your lame town and have total ihatenj vibes big time.

Well…  once in a while, a store closes.  And like, before you know it, a really good store, not just good for here store opens.  God bless Toy Division.

I walked in literally the day it opened.  I asked the owners, Indira Villalobos-Starr and Silas Starr, how long they had been around, and they said in unison “57 minutes”!  Love it.

Anyway, this is a really fantastic shop.  It features toys, home decor, and art for kids. Think wooden, handmade, organic creative, nostalgic.  It’s great for gifts and a lot of stuff has a great price point so I can stop by when I’m in town with the kids and get them a little something that doesn’t feel like a waste.

Toy Division has goods like those sweet Maileg mice, gorgeous kites from Haptic Lab that can be used or just hung in a room they are so pretty, lovely dream catchers and mobiles, unicorns my daughter is fighting for, old school games, fun and hip temporary tattoos, and amazing Miller Goodman blocks and more.  It feels like a magical little shop with an elevated aesthetic.  Again – just plain good, not just good for Jersey.

See pics below.  And go and visit.

Lauren xx

Toy Division.  101 Baker St, Maplewood, NJ 07040  Instagram @toydivisionshop


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