Feelings Friday.


Isn’t Diane Keaton the greatest? I could watch this all day.  I’m actually feeling pretty good.  But she crying is so funny I had to use it.

Anyway, I’m posting Feelings Friday on a Saturday.  Cause my day yesterday got so crazy. I had intended to drop my kids off, drive into the city, write a post, and then meet my husband for a date.  But… life.  There is a great Yiddish saying (I adore Yiddish sayings by the way) – Der mentsh trakht un Got lakht – which translates to People plan and God laughs.  Ugh, it’s so good.  So while I had all these plans, I ended sitting in hours of traffic (damn NJ traffic) and then made a conscious decision to scrap the blog and to live life.

You see, I never intended to write a blog.  I don’t really follow blogs.    (Note – I feel like I’m breaking the 4th wall or something talking about blogging).  Anyway, here I am, writing ihatenj, and really enjoying it.  Like, unintentionally getting deeper things out of it.  Feeling positive in a way I haven’t in a long time.  I mean – I’m also stressing about the blog which feels silly and embarrassing.

I’ve been loving driving around and exploring and asking a million questions and meeting people interesting people.  I’ve been loving exploring other people’s lives, connecting with people.  I’ve been loving checking out new places and stores and seeing cool things that are going on.  I’ve also met other bloggers which has been an unanticipated fun thing – people with a voice and point-of-view.  But, I’ve also been running around a lot. Driving far and long.  I’ve never been so great at balancing.  I am totally that person with a million unfinished projects.  So when I started ihatenj I promised myself that I was really going to “do it” – so now I’m holding myself to some standard that I don’t even know.

So yesterday, when I was stressing out, sitting in stopped traffic, thinking about how I was going to post Feelings Friday, I decided to just stop.  To accept things I can’t control. To enjoy my day.  To live my life in real time.  To get thru the traffic and take the time to care for my kids in the way they needed before I met my husband for some much needed alone time and we went to a movie and dinner as we had planned and who the fuck cares if I post Feelings Friday on a Saturday. Once, again, this blog is giving me lessons in unexpected ways.

Here’s to making intentional choices in life that bring you peace and allow you to live life fully.

Peace, Lauren xx



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