What’s your Place Attachment Scale?

I love a good quiz.  When I was younger, YM quizzes were my jam.  And now, I regularly waste my time and braincells answering Buzzfeed quizzes like “Which Golden Girls character are you?”.  No shame in my game.

So when I saw the “Place Attachment Scale” questionnaire in Melody Warnick’s book “This Is Where You Belong”, I knew I had to share.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to “discuss” the book here and thought a fun quiz would get the convo going.  It basically tells whether you are a total townie or if you have a bad case of the ihatenjs.

But seriously, this shit is real.  Warnick explains that the term “topophilia” was invented to describe the sense of being connected to one’s environment.  In the book, she further describes how satisfaction in where one lives has a direct impact on our physical and mental well being.  I know my surroundings affect me deeply and I believe discussing this issue builds community.

Also, a friendly reminder.  You do not need to live in NJ to take this quiz or to follow this blog!  People everywhere feel lonely and hate where they live!  Or rather, people everywhere are trying to find out where they belong and where they should call home.

Take the quiz!  And let’s discuss!

Ugh.  I got 3.  Maybe 4.  Jeez.  Well, I guess it’s appropriate I started this blog.

What was your score?  What does this mean to you?  And in what ways does where you live affect you – both positively and negatively?  Were any of your answers surprising?  Let’s talk!

And soon I’ll be posting some basic behaviors that are recommended in order to feel happier where you live… Stay tuned!

Lauren xx

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