Mama Medicine.


So, I have always loved self-help stuff.  Psychotherapy of course.  But over the years, I’ve been to shamans, astrologers, tarot readers, palm readers, psychics.  And yes, I am way into crystals.  Anyway, I thought this part of me was fundamental to ihatenj, as it relates to my journey and my path finding “home”.

I had heard about Mama Medicine awhile ago and have been slightly obsessed with her since.  Deborah Hanekamp (AKA Mama Medicine) is a ‘Seeress’ who conducts ‘Medicine Readings’, sacred ceremonies that include spiritual connection, energy balancing, sound therapy, crystal healings and more.  Mama Medicine describes her role as a “Seeress,” carrying over seventeen years of experience in the healing arts as an Initiated Amazonian Shaman, Reiki Master and Yogini.  Then a couple months back, I read about her in Vogue and couldn’t decide if the whole thing was too trendy or if she was getting recognition because she’s that amazing.  As I’ve been struggling a bit lately, I finally decided to book an appointment with this goddess and see for myself.

On her website, she describes a Medicine Reading as follows:

So I went.

It’s hard to describe my experience during my Medicine Reading.  I think I have to start by describing Deborah.  She’s younger than me and super beautiful – and the whole session she was backlit and sorta mesmerizing to look at – so for a flash I think this made me think that this is total en Vogue bullshit.  But within seconds I felt powerfully connected to this old soul, this deep spirit – and trusted in her and the process.

The session began with a moment of silence where we sat together and Deborah read my initial energy.  I had spoken of feeling ‘stuck’ and immediately Deborah sensed that I was not stuck.  That I was moving through an uncomfortable time, but that I was surely in motion.  Deborah continued to speak to my relationships – she was pretty right-on in a way that gave me chills.  Stuff about my surroundings and my dad and husband.  And my feelings of isolation – how it was a choice I was making.  Anyway, she was articulate and truthful and sorta blew my mind..

I then laid down for the shamanic ceremony.  As I did breath-work, Mama Medicine placed crystals on me, did energy balancing, sound therapy and some more stuff I don’t even know.  I deeply felt some energetic shifts and was almost in a trance-like state during this portion of the healing.

Afterwards, we sat and talked through what she saw and felt throughout the ceremony. She spoke further to my relationships and gave me spiritual homework, which I loved.  A recipe for a healing bath.  And to not think about the future (more on that below).

Here is a short description of some of the things she picked up on.. things that have made me think and that I’m working on.  I am not so comfy getting too specific on here, as I’m still processing some of it for myself.  But you get the gist.

  1. Uncomfortable vs suck.  I am in an uncomfortable place.  She acknowledged that, but also suggested I just go for it and get it all out of the way.  Like feel all the discomfort at once.  That something big is coming up – do more of what I’m doing.
  2. She suggested I work on reaching out and asking for help.  How can I let myself be supported, not have to carry so much, like you have something to prove.  [This is big for me and something I already work on].
  3. She spoke to how we are, as a human family, shifting into a place where we all need to ask each other for help.  How there is a lot of loneliness – and how I need to be connected and how I can help others and also be an example for others.
  4. She also spoke to how others might like to help me (like I like to help others).  Sounds obvious but was a bit of an aha moment for me.
  5. She felt that I was sensitive to my surrounding environment (I mean come on, ihatenj).  But that it’s a choice to be isolated.
  6. And lastly, how I get so far ahead into future.  How that paralyzes me.  She spoke to how people talk about getting stuck in past all the time – how we can also get stuck in future.  So my homework was to go for walk, celebrate summer, celebrate the life that I’m in – and start spending 24hr periods without planning.  Without thinking of the future.  This is super hard for me.  But the moment she said it, I felt it and the power that could have for me.

As I mentioned, I’m still processing my work with Deborah.  It was deep and real and super on-point.  She is definitely someone I am going to return to – to help me work through this place I am at – to help me learn to live and love peacefully.

Check her out.  Ciao, Lauren xx

Mama Medicine.  Instagram @mamamedicine




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