This is some serious shit.

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So my self-help journey continued… with my poop.  I decided to rid myself of my physical and emotional constipation and see Jen Gonzalez (aka DOODY FREE GIRL) and get a colonic!  Jen is doing double doody on this blog today – she falls into the self-help category – but also the so good, not just good for NJ thing.  [Note: Jen in the queen of double entendre – her tag line is “Get your shit done” and there’s more where that came from].  I also wanted highlight Jen and her effort to “erase the stigma surrounding women and their basic human right to take a dump”.  Right on sista, right on.

Anyway, I’ve heard how constipation can become a source of depression and anxiety and the multiple negative effects it can have on your body.  So in the spirit of the journey of ihatenj and the road to finding my happy, I booked an appointment.

First, something to know about Jen.  She is really pretty.  Super cute.  And loves to talk about shit.  Somehow all that results in not feeling gross or dirty or shameful going to her.  And she loves her job.  She describes it as her equivalent of popping a really good zit (PS I love @drpimplepopper so I get it).  She just loves giving good colonic.  Also, her sense of humor adds to the relaxed vibe and made me comfortable showing her my ass – she is professional, but doesn’t take shit too seriously.

So I went to Jen’s office.  Where the shit goes downnnnnn.  It’s in a renovated school building – and her office is the old principal’s office.  Her whole space is sorta like a big bathroom – tiles and clean –  it is sanitary but warm and funny at the same time.  Like Jen.

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And there are gems all around like this….

I mean, how fucking funny.

Anyway, the colonic.  I sorta felt like I was taking a shit the entire time.  While this treatment can feel super vulnerable, Jen made me feel safe and comfortable and relaxed.  We spoke about people and NJ and life.  And my poop.  She was gentle and also gives a firm belly massage to help get shit goin’.

Jen is knowledgable, thorough, and in her words… gets her shit done.  I plan on continuing to work with her on removing my physical and emotional baggage.  Let my shit go.

Here are some more pics of Jen and the office below.  And some of her amazing Instagram posts.  They are so so so good.

Just doo it, Lauren xx

Doody Free Girl.  189 Brunswick Street Studio D (FOR DOODY) Jersey City, NJ 07302  Instagram @doodyfreegirl

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

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