I LOVE/HATE NYC (subways).

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There are totally moments when I miss NYC and all the diversity and love and good crazy of the city.  I think of the homeless guy (Shorty???) on the UWS who’s shtick was “What’s nation’s the richest nation? Donation. Which city is the greatest city? Generosity”.  Over and over and it never got old.  The overly made-up homeless lady by Washington Square Park who had a shopping cart filled with makeup and a hairdryer (I always wondered how she would use that hairdryer without electricity).  How I used to walk into Washington Sq Park saying “I’m looking for trouble”.  Don’t ask.  The 90s.

And my absolute favorite thing to do is people watch.  Which in Maplewood, NJ is sorta eh a lot boring.  But the New York City subways.  The best.

@subwaygram is basically subway people watching on Instagram.  People doing their makeup on the train and people sleeping and people who look just a little crazy and such fun outfits and people fighting and laughing and crying and loving on the train and nearby riders don’t even bat an eye.  It totally makes me feel all the ihatenj feels and I miss NYC big time.  Here are some @subwaygram pics.


There’s this other Instagram account.  @subwaycreatures.  Don’t get me wrong – this is an AMAZING and addictive Insta feed.  And it also has a lot of interesting or funny or just plain good people watching.  But then it also shows the eating, nail clipping, smelly, touching, body fluids, bloody, sweaty, mentally ill in an aggressive way type of crazy shit.  All the horrible and nasty and gross and unsafe feeling and shocking things that happen in the subway.  I mean, it’s all part of the city and sorta needs to be there.  But sometimes I’m just trying to get where I’m going and do I really need to be seeing/feeling/avoiding right now.  So it makes me feel all the ihateny vibes.

Anyway, this is my new favorite thing to stare at for hours in the middle of the night sometimes laughing out loud and sometimes looking away repulsed and sometimes staring with my mouth open in shock.  And the guy who writes it is also super funny.

Check out some of the ewww posts – and a few that just made me laugh out loud.  [But know that so many of the posts are so NSFW that I felt weird including them here.  I know, I’m such a prude.]  There are so so many great images on @subwaycreatures – it was hard to choose.

I really miss living in NYC and the energy current of the trains in the hard, busy, beautiful city.  I miss people watching on the subway all the time and when I look at both these Instagram feeds I crave the colorful, interesting, diverse community that the MTA brings together.  But thanks @subwaycreatures for the grosso reminder that makes me not miss it quite so so much.

Lauren xx




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