FEELINGS FRIDAY (vacation style).

YES, I’m obsessed with making bracelets right now.  No shame in my game.  

But here’s what I’ve been thinking about.  I’ve been coming to the Berkshires my whole life.  I love being in the mountains.  Going to the lake in the afternoon.  Nature.  Good food. An artistic community.  

And when I left NY and moved out to NJ, the Garden State, I thought it would feel like that.  I knew all the NJ jokes – how it’s smelly and the Jersey Shore and ugh – but I really imagined this outdoors, hippie and hip, communal way-of-life.  A quick hop from NYC.  I don’t know.  I was pregnant and a little cuckoo and probably not in a place to make any life decisions.  Anyway, when I’ve told people this, they are shocked and say why on earth did you think that.  I don’t know.  

But I do know that being in the Berkshires feels like home.  It feels good.  And I think – maybe I like the city or the country – and it’s not NJ at all – just that the suburbs aren’t for me.  

This weekend, I’m gonna start a ROADTRIPPIN’ segment – covering the so so good things about other places that make me feel inspired or happy or basically, make me say, why can’t NJ have a little more of this and me me a little bit happier.

Have a great Labor Day!  Peace, Lauren xx

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