OMG YOUNGER is so ihatenj. And so so good.


Like the 40-year-old NJ mom character, I am super late to the game here.  But I was just sick and binge watched (like stayed up til’ 3am a couple nights) the TV Land show Younger, and it gave me all the ihatenj feels.

Its a show about 40-year-old Liza (Sutton Foster) – a NJ suburbs single mom whose husband leaves her and she returns to the working world with the help of a makeover from her best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar!!!), she passes herself off as a 26-year old (sorta?!) and lands a job and becomes BFF with 20-something Kelsey (Hillary Duff).  It’s a Darren Star show (Sex & the City, Melrose Place) with Patricia Field doing the costumes (Yay!) with some Girls + Freaky Friday thrown in.   The show is a little ridiculous – and the premise is stretching it a little bit (she looks young in the right lighting but other times looks ancient and sounds like an old Kathleen Turner and the whole thing is too much – but it’s super fun and most of the time Younger pulls it off and made me laugh and relate.  I love a good before and after, so here it is.


Anywho, it’s the story of a suburban mom as she struggles with issues like identity, a journey, finding oneself, friendship, and love.   Ummmmmm.  Ding ding ding!  Me me me!  Here’s how I could completely relate!

Liza is a suburban NJ mom.  She mentions her dad is a sports coach at Maplewood High School.  I couldn’t figure out where she and her husband lived – but in my fantasy world they are me living here so I’m going with that.

Then, she moves to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for her second life.  Her cool, hip “best self”. This is where I used to live and this shit is hysterical. She moves in with her best friend (Debi Mazar) to her funky loft and dates a tattoo shop owner and goes to dive bars like East River Bar.  It’s not the Williamsburg I lived in – but in the most cliche way it sortof is the Williamsburg of today. And its so entertaining and fun to watch and see Brooklyn and remind myself of how I was at 26 sometimes.


Ha ha that picture makes me laugh.  There are a lot of jokes about sex, millennials, and Brooklyn.  It’s totally about cool Brooklyn vs lame suburbia – totally on brand for ihatenj.  And it also tackles some gender and generational issues that a lot of 40 year old I know (and 20somethings actually) experience.

Oh, and here’s a pic of her with her new tattoo artist boyfriend who works at “Inkburg”. Ha.  So cheesy and funny.

younger boyfriend.jpeg

I highly recommend.  I’m not all caught up, but I probably will stay up again tonight cause its that good.

Enjoy, Lauren xx

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