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​​ ​ ​I took today’s quiz and scored super low. But I also realized that the questions I answered positively were all about my friends and the connections I’ve made here. So this post goes out to my local girls. My lifelines.  My suburban sisters a la Virgin Suicides who have made my town my […]

Feelings Friday.

I love young Meg Ryan so much.  I love this movie.  So so great. I feel like, on this Feelings Friday,  I need to explain a little bit more about myself on here.  I’m hesitant to disclose a lot of myself on this blog.  I mean, I’ll totally talk about my feelings/wants/insecurities/whatever.  But, I’m not […]

Feelings Friday.

Isn’t Diane Keaton the greatest? I could watch this all day.  I’m actually feeling pretty good.  But she crying is so funny I had to use it. Anyway, I’m posting Feelings Friday on a Saturday.  Cause my day yesterday got so crazy. I had intended to drop my kids off, drive into the city, write […]